Plates update: January 2016

There are actually plenty of excuses for this being my first plate post since the end of September 2015. None of them are very good, though, so I’ll spare you.

On a serious note: Despite detailed analytics plugins, I am not entirely certain of the extent of my readership. I know there are several other great PA plates sites out there, and certainly plenty of great license plate sites in general. I am not trying to take away from any of these resources and hubs; rather, I would like very much to contribute to the hobby as a whole. That ought to go without saying, but something tells me my setup here is less than ideal. Please view the “license plates” category of my blog as a “fan site” kinda thing. All the photos can be found on my actual plates pages.

Now then, onto a long-awaited update. I haven’t skipped October through December, mind you. Those photos are online and may make an appearance in a post soon enough. This update will focus on December 2015 and January 2016 (the first three weeks of January 2016, anyway).

Let’s start with passenger plates.

JZE-0010 spotted 11 December 2015 in Ardmore, PA.

JZE-0010 is the first JZ* plate I saw. They had been on the road for a little while already at that point, but I suppose dealers in my area were issued their blocks later.

JZR-1018 spotted 7 January 2016 in Ardmore, PA.

This JZR plate was the high at the time. It is on a Honda Ridgeline, and has since been replaced with a YBX truck plate. My guess is the owner had to wait for the title transfer to go through properly or something like that, since YBX was issued way back in 2000!

JZT-1527 spotted 11 January 2016 in St. Davids, PA.

Just a few days later, I saw this high. Parked behind it, actually. I saw plenty of plates in this parking lot, as you’ll see further on in this post.

Expired EVJ-0411 spotted 14 January 2016 in Newtown Square, PA.

I see so many expired plates that I wonder if police even care. My guess is no, as they probably aren’t looking at your plate unless you’re arousing suspicion. Or they figure the owner is just forgetful. Probably that.

Unstickered HMH-3180 spotted 20 January 2016 in Newtown Square, PA.

Here’s a plate from 2010 with no sticker whatsoever. That’s probably even less conspicuous, if you think about it.

JNA-7455 with temp tag spotted 16 January 2016 in Springfield, PA.

I have no idea why this 2014 Hyundai from a high-volume dealer is sporting both an April 2014 plate AND a temporary tag in the window. The plate has stickers for 2015 and 2016. Did the owner really forget for this long? Doesn’t the lack of visibility annoy them?!

Person with Disability vanity spotted 10 December 2015 in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Back in time a bit. This is the first Person with Disability vanity I’ve seen on the road. Technically, this serial reads “MWH-1-PD” since the PD is part of the serial itself. Only 5 characters are allowed on these vanities for that reason. If you want the full 7 (or 8 with a hyphen/space), get a normal vanity and a disabled person placard.

4FUN CAR vanity spotted 12 December 2015 in Ardmore, PA.

The BMW Z3 probably is a fun car to drive. A bit old and outdated now, but that means you can probably pick one up for not much money, and because it’s not all shiny and modern and ostentatious, nobody will look down on you. Well, not metaphorically, anyway.

DAMAGE 2 vanity spotted 11 December 2015 in Ardmore, PA.

I don’t know what this means, but hopefully they don’t actually damage this car. It’s a Range Rover, though, so rest assured it will consistently damage itself.

ST-DS9 vanity spotted 16 January 2016 in Springfield, PA.

Paging Captain Sisko.

YJF-2275 spotted 11 January 2016 in St. Davids, PA.

This is a 1993 Dodge Caravan in surprisingly good condition…with a truck plate. I’ve seen people use old vans for construction work before, oddly, and this one’s got its seats taken out, so I guess that follows.

Truck plates are for anything that primarily carries cargo, and without seats, that’s what this box is for. I admit I actually like these old vans quite a bit. They’re effectively full-frame trucks, albeit with a little petrol engine, so I only like them from afar. Dodge’s latest idea of an underpowered and inefficient “workhorse thing” is visible in the back left.

YAC-2289 spotted in my driveway, 7 January 2016.

This nearly-16-year-old plate looks fantastic compared to some of its brethren from that era. The DD* series of passenger plates comes to mind. Most I see are illegible. This old truck plate hardly has rust stains, and the Peterbilt it’s on (also from 2000) looks great too.

Then again, I’d feel pretty damn uncomfortable with an oil truck covered in rust and looking rough. This oil company comes very highly recommended, by the way. They’ll apologise for being heavily booked, and then arrive hours earlier than you expected.

Now for some specialty plates.

00016 A/L spotted 11 December 2015 in Ardmore, PA.

Less than a block from where I spotted the current high. The organisation’s headquarters are in Wynnewood and they have had a plate program since 2013.

00019 C/H spotted 18 January 2016 in Ardmore, PA.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has a little over 430 plates on the road.

00026 T/R spotted 7 January 2016 in Ardmore, PA. This is a high.

The plate frame is obscuring the name of the organisation (why do people do this?) but it’s the Delaware Valley Triumphs, Ltd. This is a chapter of the Vintage Triumph Registry. As you may have guessed, these people are enthusiasts, owners, and collectors of vintage and antique British sportscars and motorcycles. They are quite active, probably because Leyland cars are notoriously unreliable and need constant attention. Don’t shoot the messenger.

00029 P/W spotted 11 December 2015 in Ardmore, PA. This is a high.

This is Penn Wynne / Overbrook Hills Fire Company. They have about 30 plates on the road. Maybe only 28 if this is still the high. Remember the issue starts at 00001, not 00000.

You may have noticed by now that quite a lot of these photos are from Ardmore, PA. Specifically, they are all from the same parking lot. For whatever reason, people visiting the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society often have unique plates, vanities, or high numbers. Lucky me.

100012 R/F spotted 5 January 2016 in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Not a high, sadly. Radnor Township has had these plates on the road since 2012, but only 16 have been spotted as the high has been 10017 R/F since 2013. That’s odd considering I drive right past the firehouse and their parking lot very often, and have done for years!

02750 I/F spotted 22 January 2016 in Newtown Square, PA.

I thought this was a high at first. It’s not – that’d be 04242 I/F. Oh well.

OIF should stand for “Occupying Iraq Failed!” If 4242 people truly believe the Iraqi people are better off now than in 2003, that’s just pathetically sad.

LM-29659 spotted 11 January 2016 in St. Davids, PA. This is a high.

Usually, I have to go into Philadelphia proper to spot Limousine (or Taxi) highs. This one’s breaking the law.

Saved the best PA plate sighting for last.

DV-1009 spotted 3 January 2016 in Newtown Square, PA.
DV-1009 spotted 3 January 2016 in Newtown Square, PA.

This plate was issued in 1976 or 1977. Let’s just get that point out there right now.

Yes, it’s showing its age. Yes, it’s street-legal.

The current Disabled Veteran high is DV-36267. These plates are for veterans who are disabled, but does not confer handicapped parking privileges – there is another version that does. The owner of this plate likely served in Vietnam. The driver was likely his or her daughter, since she looked to be in maybe her mid- to late 30s – it’s definitely not her plate, is my point. Exceedingly rare to see such an old plate still on the road.

PennDOT never saw the need to include plates like these in the 2000-2002 replate, as the colour scheme was not slated to change. In fact, it’s remained exactly the same since 1976, with only minor changes to the placement of the letters (at one point they were stacked) and legends, and using the keystone separator for a brief period in 2012-2014. The current version of this plate is fully embossed, although it’s eligible for personalisation.

Interestingly, personalised DV plates have only the serial embossed. The “DV-” is present, also screened. My guess is they’re using up the current fully-embossed sequenced plates before switching to the screened-legend plates. But if the “DV-” is screened, will the serial be as well? The screened “DV-” is bigger than embossed letters, making it the size of embossed numbers. Remember, PA letters are slightly smaller than numbers. Could this be hinting at PA’s first fully-screened (“flat”) plate?

I hope not.

Non-PA plates time.

Nevada “Las Vegas Centennial” plate spotted 11 January 2016 in St. Davids, PA.

A Jeep from Arizona with a long-expired Nevada plate at a grocery store in Pennsylvania. Okay.

Colorado 372-ZPZ spotted 11 January 2016 in St. Davids, PA.

This Colorado plate is from 2013, right before the state started using the “Q” plates for everything. Just a couple parking spaces away from that Nevada Jeep, too. This is the same parking lot where I saw the YJF Dodge Caravan and the JZT PA passenger high as well – all on the same night! Glad I decided to do my shopping when I did.

Idaho plate spotted in Newtown Square, PA. December 2015.

Kootenai County, Idaho plate right here in Newtown Square, PA. Why?

Kentucky plate – IGWT? Spotted 26 November 2015 in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Another un-Constitutional license plate type. I wish this problem was confined to the historically questionable South, but PA is doing it too. At least PA didn’t shit on our country’s flag by placing insidious and overtly religious text over the symbol of an officially secular nation!

Delaware Commercial tag on a security vehicle here in Newtown Square. 7 January 2016.

Perhaps it’s for tax reasons…? Ellis Preserve is a misleading name for the place to begin with. They’re turing open space and trees into “luxury apartments,” townhomes, and retail space that nobody wants. It’s disgusting and I can’t believe the Township is allowing them to go ahead with this.

For some reason, their security vehicles are registered in Delaware. Shady.

This one’s eligible for a white-on-black historical remake, though. That’s kinda neat. And at least the retail space planned isn’t gonna be another bunch of stores that already exist within five miles. You know as well as I do that it won’t last. Come on – our Staples went out of business, for crying out loud!

For those of you unaware, there are a lot of historic buildings on this existing campus that will be preserved (because legally they have to be). That does not include the Square Tavern (ca. 1742), seen at the right in the photo above, since it’s not technically on the “Preserve.” It’s not going anywhere, of course. That place is kept up very well.

If you know the area at all, think of where SAP America’s headquarters are. It’s that place. On the West Chester Pike (PA 3) side, there’s the new Bryn Mawr Main Line Health Center complex (that is, of course, neither in Bryn Mawr nor on the Main Line) and some other office building stuff, which will be expanded. No big deal. I’m fine with developing already-zoned land. I just hope they keep a lot of trees and open space. I don’t need to find any more reasons to move back to the Harrisburg area…or New England…

In other PA plates news, the K-series passenger plates are officially here. I’ve not seen them on the road, and with this snow I won’t be seeing much of anything for a couple days, but they’re out there. Around here, we’re still running through JY* and JZ* plates, but a place in Exton just got a batch of KBB plates so chances are pretty good KBA-0000 through KBA-9999 are out there somewhere…!

Quite exciting, to be honest. This only happens every four years!

Well, okay. It’s exciting to me.

Keep an eye out for future updates. I will also be posting a “master list” of various plate sites I frequent, and with any luck will also have my own plates pages cleaned up and looking better than they do at the moment. This mostly entails fixing image gallery scripts, which is actually something I need to do on the entire website to begin with. That’ll be fun.