Site Update: 29 October 2015

Hey! Did you miss me? šŸ˜€

A couple major site updates to note:

A couple still-extant issues to report (meaning please don’t tell me about em – I know!)

  • Main page (and other root-level) pages do not display menus properly on screens under 1280×768.
  • Pages may as well not display at all on mobile devices. So sorry about the eyesore(s). šŸ™
  • Any image gallery using the current jQuery lightbox script likely displays images at full resolution, meaning they don’t fit on the screen. Again, see below.

I am currently in the process of convertingĀ allĀ existing image galleries to a different jQuery lightbox plugin. This is mostly because Leandro Viera’s site no longer appears to exist, leading me to believe his lightbox scripts are now even more woefully out-of-date than before. I already had to make some edits for compatibility with jQuery 1,9,1 (which was current at the time) as it was written for – I believe – version 1,6.

Ideally, I will be using Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox, although I may end up creating something of my own – possibly based on the one I’ve been using, although the wall of text that is the JS backend is…well, awful, to be quite frank.

I have been trying (and failing) to get images to display within the confines of a browser window for some time now. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with CSS, in this case, which is obviously pretty undesirable. Style adjustments should be made in CSS, not JavaScript at runtime. CSS formatting is handled at runtime anyway, and I really don’t care to make yet another PHP function to handle image output as there are already two per gallery – three, in some cases!

If an image renders far beyond your viewable area, I apologise. At this point, there’s not much I can do short of re-sizing the original file. I do have scripts for that, of course, but even those operate with original percentages rather than “client-side” percentages. 75% of my screen is probably not the same as 75% of yours, and it’s really unprofessional to have “fixed” image sizing parameters to begin with. So I won’t do it. Either it works everywhere, or it sucks. Currently, it’s unfortunately the latter.

Other notes:

  • This blog no longer lists two distinct “Political” categories.
  • The main CSS has been updated and some objects have moved around.
  • The right sidebar menu now contains my Twitter feed.
  • The right sidebar menu now does not render properly and may float off your screen. I’m working on that. Bear with me.
  • I trimmed a lot of unnecessary junk from various PHP and CSS assets across the site. Page load time should be somewhat decreased as a result, ideally.
  • In the process, I have removed support for most versions of IE. IE 11 should still display pages properly, unless it’s gotten even more finicky and pathetic since I last checked. If you genuinely still use IE 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10, I’m really not sure how your computer is still functioning. Even I’ve stopped using Windows XP, you know.

Author: Jaska

I am the person behind this entire site; I am a musician, an artist, a programmer, a technician, a problem-solver, a hopeless romantic, a computer collector, and probably a bunch of other things. I don't like writing biographies because the content changes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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