Plates update: late May through mid-June 2015

Given I no longer drive as far (or, indeed, as often) as I did earlier this year, I’m not presented with as many opportunities for plate-spotting. That said, my girlfriend tends to make plans that require me commuting at rush hour, so what I lack in opportunity I make up for in volume…

First, though, I am pleased to say I have finally gotten my very own “plate wall” underway! These two photos show the extent of my collection at present.

My “plate wall” (including some of my photographs and a few other decorations)
My “family plate wall,” reserved for…my family’s plates. Top – our old Suburban and our old TrailBlazer, issued August 2000; Middle – my father’s first Infiniti – which was totaled – issued October 2006; Bottom – my Spark, which was also totaled :’-( …issued August 2013.

You may have noticed there are some Illinois plates there. That’s because there are some Illinois plates there. ūüôā

See, I have this great friend who is a fantastic listener and a very understanding, open-minded individual in general. She’s also a scientist and is prodigiously intelligent, but none of that really explains where I got these plates.

In fact, every plate in the first photo (that is, the ones that aren’t from my family’s cars or my car) were gifts from this friend of mine. Her boyfriend’s father – clearly a motorcycle enthusiast – found these in his garage and was going to throw them away. My friend said something to the effect of “wait, I know a guy,” and, well, here we are.

Taken with flash – these plates my friend gave me were sitting in a garage for some time, based on the dust and dirt obscuring the reflective sheeting.

I cleaned them all and now, thanks to advice from a member of the wonderful License Plate Collectors group on Facebook, have (finally) mounted them to my wall. Those binder rings are a genius idea. I used to clip them to my ears long ago before I actually had real piercings, so why I didn’t think of them for this use I’ve no idea. XD

Now, onto my recent spottings. These are in chronological order.

Silver Star high, spotted 3 June 2015. The Silver Star is the third-highest US military honor, awarded for “gallantry in combat against an enemy of the United States of America.”
Hard to make out (sorry!) but this is JWS-2705, spotted in North Wales, PA on 15 June 2015. At the time of this post, this serial is the current PA passenger high.
LM-29370 spotted in Newtown Square, PA (my hometown, and a mile or so from my house at that) on 17 June 2015. At the time of posting, this serial is the current Limousine high.

I should note that, within the last several months, I have spotted no fewer than five consecutive limousine highs (according to both and РLM-29251 in February, LM-29328 and LM-29344 in May, and now LM-29354 and LM-29370 in June.

Interestingly, all but the latter (pictured above) have been on √úber cars.¬†For those who aren’t aware, √úber is a sort of app-based black cab service, providing direct competition to more established yellow cab companies. Since yellow is a hideous colour, it’s no surprise companies like √úber are so rapidly dominating the market.

Also, your everyday “cabbie” is at best a suspicious sleazeball with a thick accent and a strong smell of at least one kind of spicy foreign food about him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but…well, it’s a bit odd when you always smell like you’ve spent all day just sitting inside A Taste of India, despite not working there…and not being of Indian descent.

I digress. Oops! Sadly, those are the only highs I really have for now. The last few weeks have been uneventful at best. So, to (hopefully) make up for it, here are some non-high still-interesting plates!

BN-02162 spotted in Norristown traffic on 15 June 2015. These Apportioned Bus plates are not very common, as evidenced by the fact the current high is BN-03102 and the plates are still issued on the old gradient-fade “www base.”
00021-M/S (National Multiple Sclerosis Society) spotted 12 June 2015 in downtown Media, PA. Although this is 60 less than the current high, it’s a relatively uncommon plate (this was most likely issued way back in 2011) and this is the lowest serial yet photographed (that I’ve located.)
As somebody of primarily German descent whose family owns a lakefront cabin in the Poconos, I approve of this vanity plate. ;)
You don’t say?! Also, um…isn’t SE the lowest trim level? I’m currently driving a Dodge Charger SE and feel no need to flaunt it. Of course, that could be because it’s a dreadful car. To its credit, this Focus sold very fast, whilst the BMW that had been there for a week prior is STILL for sale today. ;)
Just a neat vanity – Z-9. Spotted in Rose Tree, PA on 28 May 2015.
Yet another entry into my collection of self-righteous Prius vanities. This particular plate may seem innocuous at first glance, but it takes only a tiny bit of knowledge to know this in fact refers to the Prius’ “regenerative braking” system…just as much knowledge, in fact, as is required to understand the Prius is actually a horrid car that is ironically awful for the environment! :D
Another Prius vanity. “53 MPG.” Uh-huh, suuuuuure. My old Spark cost half what your hideous hybrid demanded, cost less at the pump, and had a significantly lower environmental impact! Oh, and the Spark was also never recalled for trying to kill its occupants with unstoppable throttle activity. ;)
I know I included this in my last plate post, but it just fits so well with the previous two vanities… I’m willing to bet real United States dollars that this person hasn’t the foggiest clue what carbon dioxide actually does to the atmosphere, how it’s produced, and why buying a disgusting-looking hybrid won’t actually offset jack shit. You want to lower CO2 emissions, starting at home? Spay/neuter your pet(s). Hell, neuter yourself. Stop reproducing, stop buying shit you don’t need, and definitely stop giving money to companies like Toyota who are killing the environment AND their customers…at the same time. :o

Well then. Um, here are some plates that aren’t from Pennsylvania.

Maryland House of Delegates plate, Baltimore and Howard Counties, spotted 6 June 2015 at an estate sale in Newtown Square, PA. Coincidentally, the town of Newtown Square, MD is in Maryland district 12A and thus represented by this very delegate (and two others)!
…really? So glad your fetish for the military-industrial complex and dreadful excuses for off-road vehicles has helped you “shed the pounds,” but still, it’s already plastered on the side of your car. Ugh.