Update: 28 March 2015

Today I’ve finished updating the site’s backend to support at least a rudimentary integration of this “long-form” blog, which is running WordPress. This ought to make way for some potential future updates, including (possibly) using Joomla! to run my upcoming professional site. That will be separate from this, my personal site. I will divide existing content accordingly.

Admittedly, the backend itself is still a hot mess. I suppose that comes with the territory. I have been going through a very rough breakup lately and as such my mental energy hasn’t really been devoted to much of anything, certainly not website maintenance.

In the meantime, please do check out my updated Music pages, specifically my latest (in-progress) compilation – NullCoding Persists!

I do have some plans for the near future, all of which are quite promising and could very well lead to lots of creative new content. This includes photography, music, and some of the professional services I offer as well. Be on the lookout for the “new!” icon next to some menu item on the site – that means there’s something worth checking out!

Apologies also for the lack of plate-related updates in the last month or so. I certainly have seen and photographed plenty, many of which are indeed highs (for Pennsylvania). I am looking to make a full post entailing all the updates in the reasonably near future, preferably around the time Tom Perri’s excellent paplates.com is updated, as it’s rather overdue at this point, I think. In the meantime, do please check out my PA plate images, which are simply collected in a folder (for now). I promise, I do have an actual page planned for this stuff. Really.

Some other minor stuff:

  • The VSC and NCPrime pages (and associated resources) are now marked “deprecated.” This is technically a formality, as the pages themselves indicate their content is rarely updated and/or represents legacy code.
  • Effective immediately, I will no longer be tracking Rhode Island license plate highs. Apologies for the inconvenience. I do not visit the state anymore, so cannot claim to keep up with their tag issues.
  • Additionally, my plans for a Rhode Island License Plates” Facebook group have been scrapped. If you wish to start such a group, please go ahead. I cannot run or even observe such a group at this time, unfortunately.
  • I added a link to my Twitter for some reason.
  • Be on the lookout for impending expansions to my photography page(s)…!